Some Artificial Intelligence that Helps Tech Recruitment

Speaking of artificial intelligence, it always reminds us of its application engagement to some big ideas or technologies like automated cars or human-like (humanoid) robots. But it is totally a misconception if you only focus on its engagement with the big platforms. As well as the artificial intelligence has its application on such smaller-scale areas too. Like some financial or legal tools, some healthcare software, also in advertising purposes and none other than as a recruiting tool.

Tech recruitment is getting tougher through time, as it is getting like an impossible task to recruit the best fit tech talents for the desired job profile. Also screening thousands of resumes at a given amount of time is the toughest job. So the tech recruiters should focus on these artificial intelligence recruiting tools which assists them to screen thousands of resumes for shorter times and save that extra time of the recruiting companies. From Google and Amazon to Apple and Microsoft, every big tech companies are also dedicating their resources to hire this artificial intelligence for the best recruitment purposes.

Despite talking about the artificial intelligence recruiting tools here I am providing you some good artificial intelligence platforms or software or you can say companies which will help your HR teams to make the best decision regarding the recruitment, and also to search for good and best fit tech talent for your companies.

Some Artificial Intelligence Platforms that help in Tech Recruitment:


It is an artificial intelligence platform from California, provides a transformational power by which the tech companies can pursue a comprehensive talent strategy. With its advanced technologies, this AI platform can solve the talent hunt challenges of the modern technological workplace. It also provides the real-time experience for hiring the best tech talents. It is expertise in doing the candidate recruiting, by cutting talent acquisition times up to 90% with its advanced automatic screening technology. Also, interviews the candidates consuming times which are 80% faster than that for the manual interview time consumes. With its advanced calibration technology, it searches for a million candidates within a second along with 5X relevance, and can also increase the numbers of diverse candidates instantly.

It is a North California based artificial intelligence platform, provides the tech companies a unique combination of powerful artificial intelligence benefits along with the human touch. By using the power of AI and machine learning technologies it identifies the top tech talents faster than any other competition. It also can engage itself with the candidates by sending them personalized messages to select the really interested candidates and thus it pushes these best fit tech talents directly to the recruiters. It can track the successful hiring and the hiring failure to get search for similar candidates which will give it to make predictive analytics to get an idea about the future tech talent, and by blending these analytics with the data-driven methods this AI platform can create the best candidate pipeline. It also identifies the top tech talents for the tech companies by utilizing the data, behavioral pattern and also its machine learning technologies.

It is an AI platform in New York, New York. it actually uses natural language chat to connect with the job seekers to provide them new opportunities without any preferences. It helps the tech companies to get the best fit tech talents by comparing the candidate’s career histories, their technological skills and also their preferences about the companies, like benefits of the job role, location of the company and also the pay scales. Thus it will search for the candidate and then give the candidate’s information to the recruiters and also provides various job opportunities to the candidates. It is an AI platform that can be used by both the recruiters and the candidates too.

It is an artificial intelligence platform in Arizona. It provides AI-powered assistants named Olivia for both recruiters and job seekers. Olivia can maintain its engagement with the candidates via web or mobile, also it can maintain contact with the candidates through their social media and social channels to know more about the candidates, like their technological skills, their expertise on the particular job field or role, and also their relevant job experience regarding the job role if any. After getting to know about the candidate, it provides the candidates to the recruiters along with the next steps, then it schedules interviews may be in person or virtually. And also it can answer any company or business or process-related questions correctly using its natural language technologies.

It is a San Francisco based Artificial Intelligence platform that provides the best fit tech talents for the tech companies recruitment purposes by using its intelligent bot recruiters to get algorithmically connected with the highest qualified candidates and by retargeting them for the tech recruiting purposes. This platform creates its algorithm by looking through 30 million resumes and applicant profiles, also though 120 million job descriptions or job roles and also by spending 50 thousand hours of data analytics to ensure the discovery of the top candidates for a tech company.

The above passage shows you about some useful Artificial Intelligence platforms or companies, their location and also how they can help the tech recruiters to get the best fit tech talents using their technologies. I hope this article will help you in the future for the tech recruitment to invest in the best AI platforms or software for recruitment purposes.

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