Recruitment vs Talent Acquisition

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition appear to be the same, but they are not the same and are slightly different concepts. 

Recruitment is a process of sourcing qualified and capable people to fill open work positions. It is short term in nature and conducted to fill the gap with quick patches whereas talent acquisition is long term in nature and involves strategic planning to hire the best people for your company. Both the sourcing methods are two important factors for organizations. 

Let us dig into the depth of both terms.

Talent acquisition is basically needed when you need to fill positions for higher job designations, like a director, manager, technical team head, leader etc. For hiring candidates for such job positions you have to make the acquiring candidate think that your workplace is an exciting place to join and your company is the right choice for their career growth.

This cannot be done in a day or two, it needs proper planning, evaluations, and best judgements and appropriate measures to be taken. 

These are the personnel that are going to lead your company, your people and these acquired talents are supposed to make decisions for the betterment of your organizational growth. They have to be good at what they do. You cannot afford to go wrong here when hiring them. 

You also cannot hire freshers who do not have any prior job experience in the niche of your company domain.

If we talk about recruitment, it can be done in a shorter time than what it takes for talent acquiring, but that does not mean it holds no to less importance than talent acquisitions.  

Recruitment is also important as it fills the base level of employees like business process associates, junior, senior executives who do the actual work to provide the product or service of your company to the customers or clients.

Recruiting talent cannot be less important as talent is talent does not matter if it is for higher management positions or junior operational positions. Also, it should be considered that if you hire a talented and sincere candidate who loves the work and the work culture of your company, they tend to stay. 

Growth from a junior base level associate to a managerial position is great growth for both the candidate and the company. 

Companies with great capable leaders and long term stayed employees tend to grow, there is no doubt about it.

Suggestions to Acquire a Talent:


Company Marketing and Popularity:-

You must have heard about the big 4, industry leaders or big company names that are widely famous amongst people and the majority of people wish to work for them. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Deloitte, EY are some of the many.

I am not saying you will need to expand your company like these giants right away. But what you can do is offer the attractive benefits that they offer and make your work culture desirable.

Make people want to join your company. Brand marketing is what you need for it. Pitch to your candidates the same as you are pitching your clients to work for them.


Referrals mean someone you know, knows someone who can be a great fit for your job position. It is best if your referral knows your business and its requirements. Sometimes these referrals can come from your existing employees. 


Like in any other domain, matter networking always helps in almost all scenarios. As I said earlier in this article that talent acquisitions need long term planning and preparations. Networking is one of the things you can do in this time period. Attend seminars, related business events, meet and get to know people. Take a note of what they do and if they can be a face for your company. 

Traditional and new ways of hiring –

Take the help of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Alignable and traditional ways of hiring can also help.

Preparing your team:-

This comes last in the least but it can make a lot of difference. There is nothing better than getting your higher job positions filled by people who are already working with you. So make sure to provide them with career growth, job knowledge and make them capable of taking the responsibility. 

That was all for today’s article. I hope you enjoyed your time reading this article. If you need assistance in recruiting or talent acquisitions, I recommend you to check Syarose’s hiring assistance.

See you in the next article. Till then keep reading and sharing good stuff.


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