5 Ways to Attract Potential Passive Candidates

In every workplace, the HR team is the one who does the hardest job, Recruitment. And this is not an easier process to recruit someone for the desired job post. It consumes time and hard work to find the best fit candidate for both the job role and the work culture. Not every time you will get the best-fit candidates from the lists of the active job seekers, because sometimes the perfect one may have already gotten employed. You have to widen your search and expand your network to reach them. They are passive candidates, the ones who are not actively looking for a job post but open for any job roles they find attractive and interesting. Also, the passive candidates are the experienced ones, and they don’t need any different training or settling time in the workplace, and that is why the demand for passive candidates is increasing day by day.

According to some LinkedIn survey reports, almost every workforce consists of 70% of passive candidates, and through time the recruiters are continually trying to improve their strategies to attract more potential passive candidates for their vacant job roles. And attracting passive candidates is indeed way harder than attracting the active ones. Because a person who already has a job role that pays him/her well will not need to look for another job. But you have to try, don’t let the goalkeeper stop you to score the goal. And especially when there is a hard time going on, you should consider sourcing passive candidates besides the active ones.

5 Ways to Attract Potential Passive Candidates


Every company always tries to find a perfect candidate for their vacant job roles, and if they can not get the one, they will go for the next candidate despite compromising their ideal candidate criteria. And to get the best-fit candidate for their job roles, they must go for both the active and passive candidates. But attracting someone who already has the same thing is hard until s/he themselves are interested. Below I am discussing 5 common ways through which one can get the attention of the passive candidates easily,

Use the magic of Social Media to find them.

Always keep in mind, the passive candidates are not searching for you, you are the one who is searching for them, so it is your responsibility to reach them, and nothing can be the best platform for this other than the social media platforms. As we all know that since the IoT has evolved, and the rise of smart devices has increased, everything has been digital. A maximum of the current working population is the millennials, the tech-savvy and mobile friendly generation. The best way to reach them is to contact them through social media. Recently social media opened up some options at the convenience to the job recruiters, like the hiring buttons from a page to show the others that they are hiring, and allow the applicants to submit their CV directly through the link without leaving the platform. Also, in this pandemic, some candidates have lost their jobs due to running out the business. Take advantage of this moment, and create a promotional post for your job vacancies in a most eye-catching way. Include every benefit, responsibility, specification, requirements, and the annual salary. Though Facebook and Instagram are still the largest social media platforms, LinkedIn is the most genuine platform to find potential candidates. Post your job vacancies on LinkedIn and provide a hashtag of “hiring now”, as most of the candidates (both active and passive) tend to follow this hashtag.

Publish Eye-Catching Content to your Website.

Both active and passive candidates look for some good recruitment stuff on the internet and follow some recruitment blog as well for the latest information and news regarding the recruitment market. Use this feature, publish content on your website in a way that can catch the eyes of the passive candidates to your site. Make sure that you are using a good and strong content marketing strategy for this. If they get interested in your articles then they will follow your website frequently and thus they get to know if any hiring is going on in your company. And hence you may turn a passive candidate to an applicant.

Make some Human Interaction.

Communicating and intimating with candidates is the key element to retain the top talents. In your job posts you may find people are commenting as “interested” or “good post”, but they will not contact you personally. But you should be intimate with them individually regarding the job roles. In this way, you not only get the chance to have the attention of them but also you will build trust with them. So if they will ever be available for a job role, they will consider you in the very first place. And if they find your job posts interesting, then you may get an application soon.

Appreciate your Current Employees.

Use the search engine within your workforce to search for potential candidates for your vacant job roles. Value your employees and reward them for their hard work, don’t forget to thank them for their help, they will search best for their company. Value the referrals, sometimes your existing employees may get you a potential passive candidate which you may not get on your own. Employees are the biggest asset on a company, and when an employee is happy to work with the company, s/he will share some good points about it on the review section, and this also will lead to the passive candidates around the social world getting to know about your team. And as far as employee appreciation is the most important thing one will consider at their workplace.

Share your work culture online.

Share the fun moments with your employees online. Post pictures or videos of funny moments in office parties, get-togethers, lunch together, or some fun moments in between the works. It not only helps you to increase your employee retention rate but also attracts other candidates toward your work culture. 

Active candidates make the recruitment much easier than the passive ones because a perfect candidate is hard to get, and they always don’t walk out through the front door, we have to search them and source them. If you follow the above-mentioned ways then you can successfully attract potential passive candidates and make them interested in your job roles. Keep in mind that a passive candidate will only leave their previous job when they find the new role will be more rewarding and beneficial than his/her current position. And most of them will consider this when they get reasons for loving their new work culture and environment.

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