What is Human Resource Development?

By skipping the introduction, if we come straight to the topic. Human Resource Development or HR Development is a part of Human Resource Management/HRM which deals with training and development of its employees. It holds exceptional importance for both the company and the employees. 

P.S.- For the rest of the article, when I say HRD, please be sure that I mean human resource development. 

Why is it so important?

Human Resource Development helps employees hone their knowledge, skills, and abilities and make them capable so they can help themselves and contribute to the organization’s growth and expansion. 

When they become capable and skilled, this directly helps with the company’s growth. Second, when an organisation considers the employee’s needs and thinks about their growth, the employee begins to consider the organisation as well, and they develop a sense of loyalty towards the company. This helps with the retention of the workforce.

Key Features of Human Resource Development

Systematic Approach – Human Resource Development is a planned approach and it gets and should be done systematically. HRD requires prior planning to set the how, when and what aspects of the framework.

Ceaseless Process: There is no end to learning and improving oneself, and this is why HRD is a continuous process and it never ends. HRD’s main goal is to develop all aspects of its employees, be it managerial or behavioural skills. And once they achieve one goal, they look for other aspects.

Not just restricted to individual level – HRD works with not only individual level but also group and organisation level to better the overall work relationship with one another and to help in dealing with any changes that take place in the organization.

Multi Disciplinary – HRD touches down multi disciplines in it’s training, it covers communicational, economical, phycological, behavioural aspects to the overall groom. 

Introspect – With the help of HRD, you can introspect to your own selves and find out your limitations, weaknesses as well as strength.  

How Does HRD Work?

You can provide training and coaching to your team or employees both in an informal and formal way. In a formal way, you provide proper classroom training to the employee, or have them complete courses designed for your business.

In an informal way, the superiors, or experienced colleagues can mentor the team. You can start with either of the ways as soon as a new employee joins onboard. 

When your employees get guidance and training from both the training room and on the job field, it works wonders in their overall performance development.


If you are an organisation and you have made no arrangements to develop your human resources, you must do something about it or if you are an employee and your organisation does not have a human resource development framework. 

You can broach the discussion with them and make them realise how crucial it is for the growth of both the concerning parties. 

Thank you for stopping by this article. I hope you found it insightful.

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