Hire humans than machines.

When tech candidates get hired in a technical company, they are assigned to various projects. For the sake of the projects, tech managers split those candidates into various divisions and guide them through a process to work on. In most of the cases, candidates just follow the guided process every time. Now think once,  technology means inventions, creativity and those who are working with that they are following a simple process forever like machines. Without thinking out of the box how will the tech candidates grow and if the employees are not getting growth then the company will be in ruins. Needless to say, the growth of the employees determine the growth of the company. Hence the human intelligence is very much needed. 

The whole IT industry is a creative field where the candidate has to be a creative thinker. Working on a specific process or in a static way cannot bring the growth of the company. On the other hand, in the tech industry, one of the major parts is solving problems. Now, if someone doesn’t use his/her own intelligence to cope up then solving that problem will be a headache for the respective manager and for the candidate as well.

In several cases, tech recruiters hire candidates without judging their human intelligence. Recruiters basically focus on the experiences of previous projects or the coding efficiency or the known coding languages to hire tech talent. But, are those parameters enough to judge whether that candidate has an innovative idea or can think something out of the box. 


To hire some human beings in spite of machines, one can start like this:


Check whether your candidates are innovative thinkers or not

While hiring a tech candidate, this is highly important to check the candidate’s presence of mind. You can take a test by asking: tell a story of being stuck in a unique problem and how you handled it? When the candidate answers this question you can judge his/her IQ level and the managerial power. An innovative thinker is always eager to learn new things. 


Check their communication skills:

Having good communication skills is a must. Just working on the codes day and night like machines, is not the meaning of technology. If anyone wants to do creative and great things then the person has to understand the real need of building that thing first and then one can infuse his creativity. There are so many places where a candidate has to communicate with the stakeholders, managers, and other team members to understand the need and then the project gets to succeed.


Check the decision-making ability:

Not just in a job, in every phase of life, a successful person is the one who can make the right decisions at the right time. Decision making does not allow for second-guessing sometimes a candidate must make decisions based on the facts presented, and proceed with a quick and professional judgment. While checking this skill, you can also understand that whether a candidate has the potential to become a future manager or not. Because a manager has to make several critical decisions every day.


Check for problem-solving skill

We need problem-solving skills in our daily life. The tech industry also deals every day with problem-solving skills. Keeping today’s topic in mind, if someone believes that he/she can spend the whole life with the same type of problem then he/she did a big mistake. Problems will keep changing every day. That is the nature of the tech industry. A successful tech employee is one who is always ready for new problems. That is none other than his/her own intelligence that how he/she can handle the problem. You can ask your candidate a worst-case scenario and check how he replies. If he/she has the problem-solving skill in him/her then he/she will try to solve it. If the candidate gives a wrong answer then no worries you can train him, but you will get an asset.   


All of the above-mentioned points are very important and they are all related to human intelligence. These points are responsible for separating real humans from machines. If you are hiring such machines to execute your project then you can never achieve the peak of success. The employees with the best intelligence can provide the boost and transform any project into the best one. Hopefully, this article will help out. Keep reading and share your comments. 

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