New Age Tech Recruitment Strategies

Tech hiring is the hardest practice for over the years. It is nothing surprising thing that technology has taken charge of the world. The candidates who have degrees in computer science are more tech-savvy and much smarter and to recruit them you have to be smart enough as well. So, if you think that you can recruit them with the traditional strategies then, you are not doing well. In order to revamp your recruiting skills, you have to work on the new-age strategies. I could give some ideas of new age recruiting strategies, which you can work on.


Point#1 Recruitment with Chatbots

Recruitment is one of the toughest and challenging tasks to complete. Nowadays, the introduction of Chatbots makes this task a little bit easy. Chatbots are an automated system which works on Artificial intelligence. It can reduce the time of candidate information, screening the candidates, and many more. They are also working on resolving the FAQs, application process and scheduling the interview sessions as well. It is so cool. Right?


Point#2 Amplify the candidate engagement with the new challenging games

The recruitment process is hard for the recruiters, the same goes for the candidates too. The challenges can make your interview easy because as you are hiring for the technical role you can check the candidate’s tenacity, ability, and IQ level too and the challenges will make the candidates enthusiastic about performance.  Even it will help you to identify the right candidate.


Point#3 Start Making Contracts To Hire

Contract to hire is a good step that have take.  With this strategy, you can take chances of hiring more numbers of candidates without any hesitation.  Because when they will join on a trial basis you can easily check their abilities. When they are working in the trial, meanwhile you can evaluate them easily and offer the right candidate with a full-time opportunity.


Point#4 Using Social Media


In this age of technology, people are getting connected with Social media instead of any other things. There are more than 2.6 billion social media users all over the world.  So, this is quite obvious that all of your best fits are using it. So, you can easily use social media as a talent pool. You can interact with them and make your connections with them even screen them as well. Nowadays, there are so many social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and most importantly LinkedIn.


Hope this article will help you with hiring. Keep reading the articles and share your comments.  

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