Are you hiring candidates on the basis of project experience or certificates?

Certificates and CVs are the most important things for selecting candidates in any profession. Though the quality of a candidate can’t be judged only by their certificates or CVs, their individual talent and willingness to work are also important. The main problem that IT recruiters face is to get the right candidate who will fulfill all the required criteria. They have to go through a long process in order to get the right person for the right post. IT recruiters have to interview a lot of candidates on a daily basis as they do not have sufficient information about the candidates and they have to rely only on CVs and certificates. It is quite difficult for a recruiter to select the right candidate from such a huge mass, so often they commit errors in hiring. On the other hand, IT recruiting firms have all the information about the candidates and they always have a clear picture of the deserving candidates who will fit in the desired profile. They are aware of candidates’ previous work experience as well as project experience of the freshers. Thus, IT recruiting firms do not have to depend only on certificates or CVs but they can judge a candidate from all aspects.

What is Hard Work and Smart Work?  

‘Hard Work’ and ‘Smart Work’ are two common terms for any industry. Basically, the term ‘Hard Work’ goes for freshers who have just joined the industry at least to some extent, till he gets some knowledge and ‘Smart Work’ goes for experienced ones who have already gathered a lot of knowledge. It is expected that a fresher candidate needs to work hard to compete with those who are already in the market for a long time whereas experienced ones are expected to use their previous work experience smartly in his new job. In IT sectors this hard work and smart work theory are also applicable as a fresher needs to work hard to learn things properly while an experienced person is already trained and aware of his job. Every IT firm looks for an experienced and trained employee who can deliver from the very first day of joining and even for freshers they look for skilled ones. The job of IT recruiting firms is to help companies to hire trained experienced candidates as well as skilled and hardworking freshers.

How to select desired candidates easily and smartly?    

Every recruiter looks to hire the desired candidate who is appropriate for the post but after going through a lot of profiles often they get confused about whom to hire and whom not. Thus, to avoid this confusion they take help from recruitment agencies to get the job done. IT recruitment agencies take interviews on behalf of the company and select a few from the mass after doing research work on each and every candidate. As these agencies have recruiting experts so they perform the recruiting processes more easily and smartly than any individual recruiter.

How do recruitment agencies work in recruiting the right person?  
Recruitment agencies are aware of the company vacancies and desired criteria and they identify qualified people and then go with the screening process in order to help the company to complete its proper onboarding process.
Many companies are working with recruitment agencies nowadays. These agencies are identifying the resumes that can match the skills, abilities, and experience required for the role.  

Agencies perform a few basic tasks to help the companies in onboarding. They are-

Provide support to hiring  if there is no internal recruiting or human resources department

Identify rare or highly-skilled talent

Finding  candidates from outside sources rather than the company’s own networks of people

Assisting in-house recruiter during a hiring process

Maintaining confidentiality in sensitive issues 

Performing the complete recruitment process

How recruiting the wrong person may affect employee retention?

If the onboarding process is done without the proper knowledge of the candidate then that employee may quit job anytime as he might be fickle-minded whose habit is to change jobs frequently or he might not be capable of performing the task given to him so out of frustration he quits. Thus the companies time and effort given to that is completely wasted as he does not deliver when needed. But when an employee comes through some agency, they look after all these aspects before recruiting and even after recruiting they communicate with candidates and try to solve the issues.

Hence, one must study a candidate thoroughly before selecting him/her for the desired post rather than only going through the CVs and certificates but this task is quite tough for an individual as he has to select a few from the mass. So the only way to resolve this issue is to hire a recruiting agency who will perform the whole recruitment process on behalf of the company to provide a candidate who is appropriate for the post.


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