Do’s and Don’ts of tech recruitment

Tech recruitment is tough because it is not easy to find that eligible techie to join your team. Having the right tech talent in the team is very important because they will save you the time and accomplish challenging tasks. So keeping this in mind, you should avoid making the common mistakes that IT recruiters make and instead implement some best practices done by some of the best tech recruiters in the industry.

In this article, I am going to lay out a few common mistakes to avoid and a few best practices to implement. Let’s first start with the common mistakes tech recruiters make.


I understand how much pressurized you are with time due to which you are unable to go through each and every profile in details, but just waiting to understand the candidate in face to face interview is not the right way. As per my experience, when I go through each and every profile thoroughly and shortlist candidates based on the job requirements, it makes the rest of the work much more easy, and believe me, you save lots of time not communicating with the inappropriate candidate. Moreover, when you talk to candidates knowing that this candidate is close to your fit, you can explain to them the responsibilities, and then if your candidate is the right candidate, he/she will appreciate it.


When you are making a job description or communicating with your shortlisted candidate, be sure to be specific about the role and the expectation you are having from the candidate. This will help you to stand out in front of the right candidate, and the candidate will be able to relate themselves with the job role which may make them interested.


When being specific about the job role and responsibility, also do talk about the team and the company. Mentioning about the team and company helps the candidate to visualize or imagine how it would be to work in your organization. If you do not do this, then you are probably missing out on the opportunity to impress the candidate.


To save time, money and bring in the right candidate, you should have a fixed strategic process which is proven to bring results. Check out this process of Sturdy McKee to hire A-Players.

We have already talked about the Don’ts in tech recruitment, now let’s talk about the Do’s in tech recruitment.


When you have hunted down a good profile, and next you would like to send an email. Be sure that you have studied the candidate’s profile well as we have discussed above. Next, write a very sincere and personalized email. A very good email example will be below one.

In our previous article, we talked about building a list which will help IT recruiters in the long run. Along with building a list, it is also very much advisable that you maintain a good relationship with as much as candidate possible. Keeping up with this practice, for sure, will make you an A-Player in the recruitment industry. 😀


It is never easy to get out someone’s real feelings, but if you can ask the right question, then you may find some true answers which can help you make the right decision. Ask questions that will take you a little deeper into the candidate’s interest in the role and also to understand if the candidate is a right fit for your organization.


Please share with us how your life is, being a tech recruiter and if we are able to help.

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