Tips for HR professionals for recruiting IT professionals

We know how hard life is for an HR professional and when it comes to hiring IT candidates, it gets more difficult as the C-Suite expects you to employ highly skilled professionals. To make your life a little bit easier, I will share with you a few tips which if you follow consistently, then I am sure they will help you.


Online Technology Forums

Engage yourself in technology-related forums. Why? First thing, you will be in their tribe, second thing, you will understand who is a player, and the third thing, when you have an opening, you can talk to them about the opening via these forums. I am listing 5 such forums for you. I hope you will find these forums interesting and helpful.

Stack Overflow –

TechSpot – 

Lifehacker – 

LifeWire –

Digit Geek Forum –


Follow Technology Hashtags

This is more or less the same as point # 1, but this strategy has a wider exposure to social networking sites. For example if you are regularly looking for candidates in software development, then consider searching for the hashtags given below in your favorite social media. You can think of more creative hashtags but I have listed some popular ones below:

#devlife #programminglife #developers #artificialintelligence #computer #angular #workspace #android #codingdays #engineering #backend #machinelearning #frontend #websitedesign #csharp #robot #webdev #programmingmemes #uidesign #codingisfun #coderlife #google #workstation #workdesk #codingbootcamp #geeklife #entrepreneur #codingmemes #pythonprogramming #developerlife

For more, check –


Build your list

Every now and then you come across a CV, but make sure you do not sideline it. This is because every CV has some potential. Today you may ignore one CV, and that very same CV may stand out from the others in the future. Start building your own database to which you can fall back to when you need it. Build it personally so that the list stays forever and helps you to expand your list.


Start with these and do it consistently for some time and let me know how things are going and if the points given above have helped. Anything else, just leave a comment below.

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