Wanna hire a Business Analyst? Check these core skills first.

In every project, the role of a Business analyst is very important and it is undeniable, right? Not even just the projects, for every IT company, a BA is the key player for the success of the business and generating revenue by creating a great business model. In fact, a project’s success depends on how a business analyst has gathered requirements and planned the business model. 

 Being a tech recruiter, having a target of hiring the best business analyst is usual. But, as this designation has several job responsibilities and a lot of workloads, so many recruiters and HR managers get into a pool of doubt before hiring a business analyst. For the enormous demand, nowadays, candidates are choosing this role to pursue their career in IT. That gives the recruiters a lot of pressure too and also they get so confused to pick the right candidate. 

But, wonder if you have a core parameter or a skill set and just by clicking on them you could find your right candidate. How’s the idea? I have made a set of a few core skills which a Business Analyst should have in order to justify the job role of this designation.

Communication Skills

This is the first and foremost skill that a recruiter should check before hiring a Business Analyst. This designation has a few primary responsibilities like freely communicating with stakeholders and conducting several meetings. So communication is a major part. 

Just having hands-on experience and knowledge (which a candidate acquire from various degrees) is not enough now. If your candidates are poor in communication then the probability of losing the project will be very high. 

Problem Solving Skills

In every project, there are so many problems that appear. Precisely, a project itself is a problem that has to be solved. BAs encourage a mutual comprehension of the issue, the potential arrangements, and decide the extent of the task. You’ll likewise discover BAs amidst encouraging groups to illuminate specialized difficulties, particularly when they include an exchange between numerous business or specialized partners. Regularly we begin this by breaking down the business procedure.

A Great Thinker

Before settling on a perfect pathway to perform the project, BAs have to examine several solutions for the project. Even while rectifying the problem, they must listen to stakeholders for their needs and ask questions until and unless the real need is understood. The great thinking skill is needed here. If your candidates cannot think properly then they will get confused while they check other solutions and they are unable to reveal the real need then the project will never succeed. 

For a company, this is a very important designation and the candidate has to play a very important role as well. While recruiting your candidate for this role, a recruiter has to make sure that the candidate possesses these skills. Otherwise, the hiring will be a big loss. 


Hope you all will find this article very useful. Keep reading and share your comments. 

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