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We are in a time where engineers are building robots that can work like humans. All credits go to the engineer who made that. In any case, in regard to those organizations who contract hire them and urge them to remake those incredible bots. It is proved that the talents exist but, just for our slip-ups, we can’t procure them. There was a time when people just needed to acquire cash and worked hard for that, most of which was physical labor. That was all they required. But, the time has changed now and so has the general population. These days individual tech talents have a few alternatives to hop in. I mean each of the tech talents get a few choices and they pick just those organizations which empower his/her specialization field. 

What if I tell you that we can fix those mistakes.  Today’s article will provide you the best solutions to get the best tech talent for your company and the complication of tech recruitment will be resolved. Below are a few things which companies and HR professionals neglect and therefore the companies are facing tech talent crisis. 


Employer Branding

We’ve all heard of the enormous, well-known tech organizations that furnish their representatives with a workplace and scope of advantages that take the sparkle off the normal hierarchical advertising. In one of my previous articles, I showed you the need for employer branding and how it manipulates the tech talents nowadays. You can use a few ways that can boost your employer branding in a perfect way. These are: defining your message, nurturing your culture, understanding brand perception, building brand advocacy, embracing technology, treating candidates like customers, storytelling, adding depth, and defining your message. Lacking these things definitely harm your employer branding and you may find talented candidate deficiency in the company. 


Job Description

Yes, job descriptions play a major role when you are hiring tech talents. Suppose you have a vacancy for a website designer and you have created a quotidian job description that is basically filled with the salary, perks, working hours, etc. Instead of filling with these materials, you should compile the JD with the job role of what exactly the candidate has to play. That will be more precise and then only those candidates will show interest who have the knowledge or skill.  When the candidate will find that he will be going to work upon his specialization he/she would be very interested. Isn’t it?


On-call screening

It’s a very interesting part. Nowadays so many screening calls are made to candidates, stating that they need a member in their software development team and you start exhibiting salary, perks, growth, meals, etc to the candidate. You should not forget that the candidate faces a lot of calls like that every day. As you know that in software development there are so many roles. Like: web development, mobile application development, data science, API development, back-end development and many more. So when you are engaging a candidate on an on-call screening you should ask the candidate about his specialization and also give him/her a brief of the job role. So that your screening would be good and you will be confident that you are choosing the right candidate to do the job.



This is the first point of contact for a candidate with the company. So many interviews in a technical role don’t even excite them. It feels like an interrogation session. Nobody likes the interrogation. Right? No, you should give your candidates some space so that they can breathe. You can give them a chance to roam in your premises so that you can understand whether the candidate will be fit for your work culture or not. Or you can set up some sort of challenge that they can perform. It will excite them. Some interviews are so long that the candidates get bored and even restless. If you think that you have found your best fit then don’t make him/her wait for a lightyear. Maybe you can even lose him/her.


Hire best but, pay less

This is a very old fashioned thought. A few years ago HR professionals thought that they can get a candidate in a very low budget who will provide the best output. That time candidates didn’t have so many choices as they have now. If the candidate has the potential then he/she deserve a handsome package. So if you want the candidate to choose your company over the other companies then you have to offer him what he/she deserves.   

Change your thought process as the time changes. There’s a competitive market. Every company is hunting the best talents and keep them in a good place. So if you want to grab them, you shouldn’t make these mistakes.


I’m hoping that this article can change your thought process.

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