Tips to retain more tech talents.

According to a report published by glassdoor, they considered that 66% of millennials will leave their organizations by 2020. Every year lots of candidates complete their degrees over the technical field and start seeking jobs and they get joining confirmations as well. But, how many of them sustain themselves for a few years on a single company. Hardly 5 to 10%. It’s really hard to form a team and after it being formed they drive a project with smoothness and bring success. But, when someone leaves the company the team feels devastated and that effects the projects as well. In fact, leaving one candidate can even hurt the employer brand as well. 

Over the years,  employee retention is subject to headaches. Before discussing the tips to retain talents, one should realize the reasons for which candidates leave their companies. Below are some reasons:


Demotivation: When candidates join the company, they start with a lot of energy and self-motivation. But, gradually the self-motivation gets exhausted at that point, if the candidate cannot find the real compassion from the seniors then they get disappointed.


Not giving the credit to the deserving one: Yes, that is another major problem. Sometimes it happens that somebody really works so hard and that it results in the success of the project. But, after all this, some other person gets the full credit. This is considered to be one of the prime reasons to lose good talents. 


Not giving the value to everyone’s work: This is so much important to give the same value to everyone’s work. Nobody is the same, on the contrary, everyone possesses different talents. One can lose great talents by ignoring them. 


Perfect appreciation: This is every employee’s dream to get the perfect appreciation from the seniors or the managerial level.  But, in several cases, candidates don’t get the perfect appreciation and for that, they change their decision and switch to other companies.

Now as we have the idea about the causes of losing tech talents, we can discuss how to retain the talents. We can start like this:


Focus on the important things: The first and foremost important thing is job satisfaction. Sometimes, money can’t buy satisfaction. If a candidate finds satisfaction in his/her job then the salary would be a “doesn’t matter” thing. Yes, salary is important but, job satisfaction is highly recommended. 


Make a clear pathway for growth: Candidates always have their desires to grow. This is not just for the tech talents but also, for all the employees. If you can provide a great ladder of growth then the candidates will always be focused on the work rather than thinking of filling any other company’s joining form. 


Offer great opportunities: In so many companies, they provide the candidates a chance to increase their studies or even some exciting offers like tours or parties for relaxation.  Some companies send their candidates to seminars, lectures, meetups and even encourage the candidates to brush up their speaking, writing skills, etc.


Communication and feedback: Keeping open lines of correspondence is fundamental for representative maintenance. Your immediate reports should feel that they can come to you with thoughts, questions, and concerns, and in the same manner, they anticipate that you should be straightforward and open with them about upgrades because they have to make in their own presentation. Ensure your interface with each staff all the time — don’t give issues a chance to develop for the yearly survey.


Hope this article will help you to retain your candidates. Keep reading and share your comments.

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