Tips to fill your tech positions quickly

There is a global shortage of technical talent. In this age of technology, sourcing and recruiting tech talent is highly competitive. Stack Overflow recently surveyed more than 100,000 developers and inquired about their job seeking status. They found that 16% of Developers are looking for a job actively and 75% of them are interested in hearing about new job opportunities.

So what we can absorb from here is that tech candidates find it interesting to read through job openings in their domain to see what companies have to offer. If they find any opening that attracts them, then they may make a move. So working on your Employer’s branding where you are showing the best of your tech talents is obviously focussing on making your job opening more detailed and fun. And yes, focus on high employee benefits too.

Here in this article, I will share with you a few tips to fill tech positions quickly.

Focus on referrals

Offer a handsome amount to your employees to refer candidates. Employing this strategy is highly beneficial. #1 If your employee is referring someone, then make sure your employee is referring the right candidate. #2 The candidate who will be coming for the interview through employee referral will be interested to join because they already have a friend or an associate working in the company whom they trust.

Attend MeetUps and Hackathons

This is another good opportunity because when you attend these kinds of events you get to know the talent and/or skills of a candidate without even interviewing them because when they give a speech or take participation in the event it is more of a presentation of their skills and knowledge. You can network with them and offer them an opening from your company.

AI-Based Recruiting

The numbers matter. If you are able to scan more resumes in less time, then you can interview more candidates. If you interview more candidates, then your chances are higher of getting good talent.

Pay attention to candidates

Listen to what the candidate has to say. It is very important to understand what they are looking for. If you are unable to meet them, then it will be very hard for you to hire the right talent.


Please share with me if you have more tips to add. As usual, I look forward to reading your comments.

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