Strategies to make hustle free tech Recruiting

Nowadays, where 1.5 million software and web developers looking for a job there and more or less 11.8 million net tech employment in U.S, everyone is thinking about recruiting some good, creative and worthy applicants for their company and in this hustle and with the old school methods, they lose the talented ones. Now, the question is what will be the strategies to hire some deserving candidates.

Well, there is a question that can appear in the mind why we should make some strategies for technical recruitment?

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”

The most important and challenging part of any organization is recruiting and you cannot afford any mistakes in this part. Every HR professional wants the best fit for their company. So, a lack of strategy will cost you some good talents. 


So let’s talk about some best strategies that we can implement.


Strategy# 1 Short Interview Process

One of the most important parts of hiring is “Interview”. Most of the candidates set their minds to join the company from there. The same thing happens with the recruiter too. As the old age interview process was so long that the candidates got agitated.

But, as the demand grows over the time candidates now have several offers in their table. Now you cannot take chances to lose a perfect fit for the lengthy time taken during the interview process.


Strategy#2 Pay best to get the “Best”

This is a very interesting and crucial part as well. It’s better to hire the best with patience than to hire more in a hurry. If you think that you can have the best fit at a very low cost then this is a very unnatural because the best person deserves the best salary.

If you hire some average candidate at low cost to cut off the hiring costing then the loss will be your company’s. If you hire any knowledgeable and experienced candidate instead of a low-cost average candidate then the candidate will give you the best output without wasting any time and also will provide you the best productivity.


Strategy#3 Using Social Media for the talent pool

In this age of technology, more or less 3.2 Billion people are daily active on social media. Your ideal candidates are also roaming there.

With social media, you can grab their attention and also can search for the best fit for your company. As an example, LinkedIn is one of the best social media where you can find a lot of talent.


Strategy#4 Design the best benefits

This strategy will help to attract new talent and retain old employees as well. Every employee is looking for some good benefits. It gives them interest to work. If you can design some extra benefits which they can get then it will attract more new talents.


Hope this article will help you. Keep reading and share your comments.

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