Pull up your socs, its time to hire Gen Z.

A new era of tech candidates has started rising but, in some places, they are yet to be recognized. WhereAS in 2019, everyone is still drilling the mine of millennials, Gen Z or Generation Z candidates has just stepped into the industry. They are considerably fast, tech-savvy,  quick learner, unique and critical thinker than the millennials. Though the Gen Z flood hasn’t touched the industry properly yet, according to a report, almost 20% of the U.S Workforce will be flooded by this generation and the numbers are like the size of T-Rex, humongous. They are the new breed of tech candidates having the mindset of working fast. The candidates of this generation were brought up with the smartphone and the speed of gigabyte/second, and with that one could easily understand how their awakening occurred. 

Being a tech recruiter and HR manager, knowing the nature of a candidate is highly important in order to make the plan for recruiting them. I have elaborated a few characteristics of this generation in this article, that would help you to make up a new plan for hiring them. I will definitely write about the plans later.

Easily Available

In terms of finding the right candidate, nowadays, tech recruiters are doing their research and employer branding through social media. Even, tech recruiters drive their job descriptions over social media. This generation’s candidates are brought up using social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. So undoubtedly their availability is much more fluent than any other generation.

More Confident

As the time-shifted to a new horizon, the candidates who are coming up, they possess so much self-confidence. Generation Z will become the best confident generation of all time. As they have learned and groomed in today’s ways, this is in their DNA now.

Technical Believer

Sounds like the future “humanoids” but, no, the Gen Z candidates really believe in technology more than anything. In the present time, there are several online tools to perform a specific task. According to a report, more or less 80-85% of generation Z candidates own a smartphone and that is the reason they could use the latest apps more and execute their tasks very easily. For instance, nowadays, there are several mobile applications, which can be used for making diagrams and not just the simple ones, the complex ones too. 

Great Career Attitude

There was a time when candidates chose their career path by the choice of their parents. Even, with the millennials, this tendency follows. But, with this generation, they take their own career decisions. That, in fact, is a great satisfaction for them that they can pursue their desired career.

It is just a matter of time that all the companies will fill up their positions with these candidates. Now, as early you can make your plan to hire them, it will be beneficial for you. Keep reading and share your comments. 

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