How to counter the deadly follies of Tech Recruitment?

Human Resource Manager of any industry has a lot of tasks to perform. They always have to work in a busy schedule. The recruitment manager looks after the whole recruitment process, salary issues, employee retention, etc. As the company`s human resource depends on recruitment managers so when a large of candidates are needed to fill the vacant seats then the managers have to recruit in bulk which can create errors in the recruitment process. One can consider that managers are also humans but when the company has to suffer due to their errors then they are expected to do the adjustments for the sake of the company. In this article, we are going to discuss the mistakes Human Resource Managers generally commit knowingly or unknowingly while recruiting how these errors can be negotiated.

Micromanaging: Micromanaging is a thing that can be worked as a double-edged sword. In some cases, micromanagement is necessary but in some cases, it can create hindrance in the path of productivity. Employees sometimes get frustrated and insecure due to micromanaging which may lead to his resignation.

 Not Checking Out Knowledge and Subject Interest: While interviewing a candidate the recruiters are not judging the candidates on the basis of their subject interest and out knowledge rather they are going by candidate`s biodata and qualification only. This is leading to the misjudgment of candidates and as a result, wrong people are getting hired.

Not Studying the market properly while making pay scales: Recruiters are not studying the market properly while fixing the salary of a particular employee so often they are not providing a perfect salary for the right people and so they are failing to draw the interest of proper candidates.

Socializing too much with Employees: In order to create a friendly environment in the office often recruitment managers are socializing too much with employees and so employees are not taking him seriously due to the lack of professionalism.

False Commitment while Recruiting: In order to onboard the right candidates, recruiters are making false commitments which are actually not there in their company policies and when candidates are getting aware of the actual fact, they are leaving the company if they don`t feel comfortable with the rules. Thus, the time and effort that the company has invested upon them are getting wasted.

Lack of written policies: Every company has its own policies but all those policies are not in a written form but the candidates are only getting aware of those written policies and in terms of that they are joining the company but in most cases after knowing about non-written terms often they are leaving the job.

Disregard towards Training: Training is one of the important aspects of any company as new employees are trained before joining the working team but in many cases, recruiters ignore to pay proper attention to the training part in order to save training cost but actually they are causing harm to the company as the new employees can`t deliver their best without proper training.

Hasty Hiring: In order to fulfill the recruitment need Human Resource Managers often perform hasty hiring by sacrificing the quality hiring procedures in most cases and so inappropriate people are getting hired which is not helping the companies’ cause.

Incomplete Profile: Some of the companies even don`t have the proper complete employee profile which is preventing them to gather detail knowledge of the employee before the onboarding process.

Employee Privacy:  Employee privacy is one of the most important tasks of HR management. It is their duty to ensure that an employee`s personal information is not disclosed in public. Many employees are quitting their respective jobs due to this reason.

How to deal with these issues?

A Human Resource Manager not only performs the recruitment task but he has to deal with various other tasks as well so they also need a helping hand. In IT sectors the state of recruitment managers are perhaps the worst as recruiting an IT professional is a very long and draining process, where screening a candidate is most important. IT recruitment agencies are the helping hands of these recruiting managers. These agencies help the managers to perform their duties of recruiting the right employee for the right post. These agencies develop their online portal on a daily basis so that it creates a good impression on the candidates. They also look to maintain good environment for face to face interview as this is where the screening process is done. It is through this screening process they identify the genuine candidates from the mass.

Human Resource Managers are human beings after all so it is quite obvious that they will commit mistake sometimes but if the companies work with these recruiting agencies then the chances of committing a mistake are less. These recruitment agencies take responsibility for the whole recruitment procedure and some part of the employee retention policy to give recruitment manager a bit of breathing space from his hectic schedule and assure hassle-free onboarding.  

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