How to convert a normal tech interview into the best one

An interview is a major part of hiring. Over the years, this is an undeniable step to understand a candidate and make the final decision. As time changes, the candidates are not getting excited with the old school interview processes. As we are talking about the tech candidates, who are very smart and think about up-gradation every time, you cannot satisfy them with those simple interview methods. As a tech recruiter get to know a candidate in this phase, similarly, a candidate also gets to know about the company’s work culture and ambiance as well. Most of the time, so many candidates change their mind to join the company after the interview. 

Nowadays, lots of things have changed in the interview processes. In order to catch the best tech talents, recruiters are not believing in traditional methods. Some recruiters have omitted a few sections and some have added a few. But, so many companies still stating that they are facing the top tech talent crisis. In order to take a normal tech interview into a new level, sometimes recruiters break the core parts of an interview process. 

Over these years, so many articles have been published to show recruiters several new ways to improve the interview process. But, today I would like to show you all a few steps which will be going to convert the tech interviews into the best ones.

 Step#1 Interviews should be taken by a professional only

This is very much important matter that when a candidate facing an interview session, he/she should face someone who has the idea of that job role perfectly, I would rather say, the interviewer should be a specialist in that particular field. Why I’m telling this? Suppose, a candidate has come to give an interview for a website designer role and the interviewer is a content writer. So, how come the recruiter understand whether the candidate is perfect for this position or not where recruiter doesn’t even have the formal idea of website designing. In several places, a random interviewer takes interviews of more or less every interview. This even harms the candidates as well because, at some point, candidates get to know that the recruiter doesn’t have any idea of his specialization. Would you be like to talk with someone regarding your specialization, who doesn’t even know what exactly the thing is? 

Step#2 Don’t make the interview room like an Interrogation chamber

An interview room is such a place where you get to know about your candidate and similarly, the candidate makes his/her mind that whether he/she will fit in your company or not. It’s a very delicate place and you should not ruin this. If you think that just putting a lot of pressure on a candidate is the meaning of interview then most probably you are going to lose all of your tech talents. Give them space where they can breathe and as you are recruiting technical candidates, you should make them relax so that they will be eager to share their innovative ideas to you. 
Step#3 Provide them a short tour of your workspace

In so many interviews, I have seen that candidates idly sit for two to three hours for facing the next round. In one hand it is so boring to sit in one place for so long and also, this huge wait ruins the excitement for the next round. Instead of doing that you can allow them to visit the workspace or make a short round like that the candidate should go to the floor and meet up the employees and spend a few time in the cafeteria. So that they will understand the work culture of your company and also you will be able to judge whether the candidate will fit in your work culture or not. Isn’t that so cool?

This is all for today. Try these steps and hopefully you’ll see the differences. Keep reading and share your comments.  

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