Do your targeted tech talents feel proud to join your organization?

Being a tech recruiter, have you ever wondered that, does anyone feel proud to join your organization? This question has its own separate fan base for the recruiters.

Every year there are so many candidates who graduate with a technical degree and they start looking for their desired job. But, everyone wants to do something which makes them feel proud of it. Otherwise, they will either switch their company or their job role. Below I’ll be showing out 3 things which can give your candidates a reason for feeling proud of joining your organization.

Employer Brand

The first and foremost point is the Employer brand. This term doesn’t need any introduction, right? Every single candidate, precisely the tech candidates, they are aspiring to join Google, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, etc and that is their dream is to work there. Have you ever thought about what exactly drives them there? 

Their “Employer Brand”. These companies work so hard to grow their reputation over the market and as result, it becomes desirable for every tech talent to work on their floor.  Just for an example, if you see their company career page, you would understand how delicately and uniquely they maintain their company career page. That’s how it works. 

Work Culture

Yes, that is pretty much related to employer branding. But, still, it has some particular importance. It’s like when a group of people work in your company, they face so many things. If they pass through a good work atmosphere, get the best senior’s support and find a familiar work ambiance, then they will spread out only the good vibes about the company and if they feel satisfied with your work culture, then definitely candidates will proud to be in your organization.

Even, a recruiter will get help on the internal referral. Existing candidates will be so much happy to refer to other candidates.    

Remuneration Management

That’s a tricky part to handle. Salary is a very important thing, right? Whenever you offer a package to a candidate, they start comparing it with other companies. Now, you can do two things to grab the candidate. Number one, survey the whole market then fix your salary packages. Like, if the market trend of salary package is $83,944(Approx) then you can offer them a bit higher package and Number two, you can provide the best package to the deserving one. Building the reputation of the company is what you must aim for. If a deserving employee gets paid as s/he deserves then s/he will be proud to work there. Cause he knows the company pays him what he deserves.   


Hope you’ll enjoy the article. Keep reading and share your comments.

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