Best strategies to retain your tech employees

Where the new recruit will provide the team boost and new energy, the senior employees will provide stability and control over the team. A senior employee is the one who can guide the freshers or new employees in the right way and can bring out the best output from them. I guess everyone is aware of the importance of a senior employee and the managers, so talking extensively about that will be a waste of time. The interesting question is what would be the best strategies that we can take to retain them.

In a very recent survey showed that 66 percent of millennials expect to leave their organization by 2020 (Source: Glassdoor). It’s a huge number, right?

If that will be the situation in 2020 then we should start working on remedies from now. Retaining old employees is as important as recruiting the new ones. Today we are going to discuss a few strategic points to retain tech candidates.


Point#1 Workplace should be good

Ideally, an employee of technical farms gives his/her 10 to 11 hours or more in a day. They spend a lot of time in the office than their home.  So, the workplace should be like the second home for them. If they feel comfortable in their workplace as they feel in their home then you don’t have to force the employees to do their best, they will do naturally and if they feel comfortable then why would they find other options.


Point#2 Better Communication

Now, this is very important that you should maintain communication with your employee. Every employee is important. Maybe every employee will not be your employee of the year but still, their contributions are undeniable. Usually, people feel bad when they don’t hear good feedbacks and do not get nominated for appraisals.


Point#3 Working with IT recruiting agencies

Recruiting agencies are like a striker who can be a defender too. Who can strike a goal and also defend the lead as well. They will recruit for you and also help you to retain those employees. How? They always keep the track update of the employee who is recommended by them. They will maintain communications with the candidates how they are feeling and give feedback about the company or what issues they are facing. 


Point#4 Extra incentives

Money” is one of the most satisfactory words in the world. Now, in sales and marketing, there is a chance to earn some incentive after achieving the target. But, in the technical field, the chances are less. More than 34 percent of employees want to change their company for compensation. The incentives are like the best encouragement and also this practice will keep the employees more focused on their work. Now, if you can add some extra incentives according to their work or project success, then they would be happy.


Point#5 Promotion and increment on time

This one of the most valuable parts to watch out for. For not getting promotions and increment, a huge number of employees leave their companies. Now, if you want to retain your candidates you have to do this thing perfectly. To stop them from using their mobile and laptop for searching a good offer and to make them use those gadgets for commenting good feedbacks about your brand on social media, you have to give them what they deserve. Now, all I can say is that this is up to you how you treat your people. This is pretty obvious that if you give your best, you will get the best.


Keep reading and share your feedback. Hope this article helps you.

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