AI for Recruiting: The problem solver of every Tech Recruitment Turbulence


AI or Artificial Intelligence, this term is well known to everyone nowadays. Hopefully, this is the future of our world. As the numbers of the technical candidates are growing enormously, the hurdles for HR professionals to hire the right ones are increasing. So many experts share their thoughts every day to solve the issues or encounter the turbulences. But, there are still some points which should be trouble shooted and there the idea of AI  comes.


AI for Recruiting:

AI for recruiting is an application of Artificial Intelligence. This new innovation is intended to streamline or automate some piece of the enlisting work process, and high-volume assignments. 

For instance, programming that applies AI to resumes to auto-screen competitors or programming that behaviors opinion examination on sets of expectations to recognize possibly one-sided language.

Reasons to use AI for Recruiting


Screening Time-Saving

As the HR professionals and their team volume remain the same, the growth of enormous tech candidates resulted in a hell lot of time consumptions. Mostly every company stated that they consume so much time to screen candidates.

Hand made screening resumes is the most tedious piece of enrolling, particularly when 75% to 88% of the resumes got for a job are inadequate. Screening resumes and shortlisting candidates for personal interview is supposed to take 23 hours of a spotter’s ideal opportunity for a solitary contract.


Automated Candidate Sourcing

Advancements in AI for enrollment presently empowers spotters to computerize their sourcing procedure and expand their span simultaneously. Certain arrangements can examine in excess of 300 million social profiles, something that even a little armed force of individuals wouldn’t probably do.


Utilizing Remote workers:

AI for recruiting is helping professionals in that segment. So many companies do not have the opportunity to utilize or manage remote workers for so many issues. What if the right and the talented one is waiting for the remote work opportunity and if you cannot find him then most probably the candidate would work for your competitors. In the USA there are 5% of people who are working remotely. So hiring those candidates, the hiring process also works remotely.


Candidate Matching:

Nowadays, there are a lot of tech candidates who are unknowingly roaming around on the internet. They have the idea and also the talent to raise any company. But, sometimes due to the manual screening, they get skipped. This is normal right? But, when we use the AI, it is programmed to find the right match from everywhere.      


Talent Recovery:

There are a lot of resumes that come to a company every day but, unfortunately, only a few of them got selected and the rest get buried. But, this is so much unfortunate that after having so many profiles, still so many companies are facing the tech talent crisis. Nowadays, several companies are using AI to recover those buried candidates’ profiles who were interested in their companies in the past. Rather than spending everything on a fresh leg who doesn’t even have an interest in your company, it is good to have a candidate who was interested in the past.


This is our nature to adopt every change and perform. As a tech hiring professional you have to be so tech-savvy and simultaneously you have to be so flexible to utilizing those technologies. AI is now becoming a part of everything. If something saves your time and effort then it’s good to use. This is a fact and as soon as we will accept the idea of using the AI, everything will going to be smooth and great.

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