Want to emerge your Employer Brand? Focus on the company’s career page

This is a fact that more cool and great your employer branding is, more you are able to attract tech talents. In the tech industry, it is highly important to have an enormous employer brand which I have expressed earlier in one of my articles. But, what is the most important part of this employer branding?

It’s none other than your company career page. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Your company’s career page. Nowadays, every HR manager and recruiters have a dream to have the best of the best company career page. It’s the best magnet to pull a candidate closer to you or you can even say it is the best tool to gain attention from your desired candidates. More or less every company has a career page but, is it perfectly designed, optimized, and informative? If you are thinking no, then you should rush and start working on this. Career pages are like musicians who usually sit outside the frame but they play a bigger role when you hear a great song.  It encourages a lot of candidates silently in the backstage while you are doing your day to day work. 

I would like to tell you a few changes that you can implement and see the radical change in your employer branding. 


Is your company career page well decorated?

When you make the plan for shopping would you like to go to those places which are not well decorated, not even organized? The answer will be a big “NO”, right? Then how can you think that a career page can bring the revolution which is not good at all. 

Colour: Page colors play an important role in attracting individuals. You should color your page in a way that if anyone enters your world then they would like to hang-out there for a while. 

Font: Pick some great fonts so that the candidates can easily understand everything. If they find that the contents are looking like Albert Einstien’s theory, then they would definitely skip the page. 

Organized: Keep your eye open when you are working on organizing information. Because people don’t like unorganized things. 


Is your company career page SEO friendly?

With the help of SEO, you can pull your page’s rank up on the internet. Now, this is well known to everyone. Ideally, candidates use the internet to find their job. So if you have a perfectly optimized website then the chances of getting candidates will increase. 

SEO friendly URL: Check whether your career page’s URL is SEO friendly or not. 

Infuse keywords in the content: High ranked keywords should be infused in your content. So that if a candidate uses any search term then there will be a probability that your website will be showing up there. 


Have you ever thought of an IT consulting agency?

Being an HR manager or recruiter you have so many things to work on. So, focusing on a particular part is not so easy sometimes. But, having someone who can do surveillance on each and every part related to the hiring is remarkable, right? Nowadays, so many companies are working with IT consulting agencies to empower their employer brand. 

Time to time suggestions:  Consulting agencies can give you feedback about whether your company career page is seeming good or bad to the candidates. In addition, they can help you even with hiring candidates.


How about a few bonus tips and mind-blowing career page examples?    

Bonus tip#1 Job description: Don’t use some random job description for your career page. Make them relevant and job role focused so that whenever someone reads it, they understand the work he/she has to do.
Bonus tip#2 Keep the career page updated: Keeping every information updated is a good practice when you are dealing with the right candidates. Your candidates should get the right and updated information every time.


Examples of a few career pages:


TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)


So, this all for today. Hope you will enjoy the article and share your comments with me.

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