Wanna be the ideal tech recruiter? Steps you need to follow?

In every profession, after doing the job for a while, people think that they are doing great and start considering themselves the best ones. In the field of recruiting, especially tech recruiting,  after recruiting a few people they start considering themselves as proficient. When you are dealing with people you cannot think that everything will go smoothly because nothing will be static. In tech recruitment, every candidate possesses a different talent. As an example, a few candidates are proficient in coding, some are the masters in website designing. Ideally, after doing something for a while, people start taking everything very casually and then the problem arises. This is the so-called “Crisis of Tech Talents”.  Usually, in the beginning, they do everything properly, but, day by day they start to shorten up things and everything gets complicated.

I have elaborated a few steps below which are very elementary for tech hiring. Follow them and make sure that you are doing them. 


Are you focusing on On-call Screening?

The most vital part of tech hiring is On-call screening. Usually, on this step, a recruiter interacts with a candidate for the very first time and from there only the candidate gets attracted to the company. Several tech recruiters are doing mistakes in this step by asking irrelevant questions and not providing perfect information. Nowadays, technical candidates get so many calls every single day. So you have to make sure that when you are giving a call you discuss the job role only with the candidate, and ask no other irrelevant things. Show them the benefits of working for your company.            


Are you working on Talent Pool?

The talent pool is also a very important part. A talent pool is like a fixed deposit account in the bank. Which you can use during a time of crisis. Try making it stronger, as it will be beneficial for you in the future. 

Nowadays, recruiters often work with IT consulting agencies. They have the best sources and they help recruiters to build a very strong talent. That’s why those companies never face talented tech employee deficiency. 


Does your interview process seem to be the best?

I have previously written an article on the best interview process because this is the most vital part. However, this is a very vast section and also it consists of various different rounds, you have to be very focused on every round. 


They are the pillars of hiring. Hope you all find this helpful. So friends keep reading and share your comments.

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