Tips to hire best Data Scientists


For the growth in business and to run the business smoothly, the use of Data is highly important. The main goal of Data Science is to help the company take fast and efficient decisions.

According to LinkedIn news about the Data Scientists in 2018, they stated that “Growing demand has led to a nationwide shortage of 151,717 people with data science skills”. The demand boosted from 2012 and the percentage was like approx 650%. Now, in this state, hiring the best data scientist is not so easy.

Data Science

Before performing anything it is highly important that we have the perfect knowledge of it. Not every tech recruiter is a master of Technology.  So we will talk about Data Science first then we’ll jump into the hiring methods.

Data Science is one of the most complicated streams over the years. Because it is a combination of multiple academic disciplines which consists of scientific methods, algorithms, and process methods to create knowledge from structured and unstructured sources. A data scientist should possess the knowledge of  Data Engineering, Scientific Method, Mathematics, Statistics, Advanced Computing, Visualization, Hacker mindset, and Domain Expertise.

Methods of Hiring

By reading the above-mentioned content, you’ll have a formal understanding of the Data Science and now, we can step forward to the hiring methods.

Talent Pool

Ideally, recruiters press the hiring process when they face employee shortage and sometimes this hustle may result in hiring average skilled candidates and consume a lot of time. But, in order to hire, especially a Data scientist, you cannot make this mistake as this position has an important role to play.

In the current age, the talent pool has become a trend. You can call it a safe locker where you can keep your best; recent and future candidates. If you can create a talent pool then it will be beneficial for you as it will save you some extra time for hiring and most importantly, you can be rest assured that the quality of the candidates will be good.

Nowadays, there are several ways to build a Talent Pool like, like for example

Sourcing Tools: You can create the best talent pool using these tools. As they can search for the candidates with the specific search terms and then you will be able to have a strong and skillful candidates’ database. There are several souring tools in the market like Hunter, Hiretual, Talentbin, and many more. 

Technical Recruitment Agencies are like helping hands. They will help you in terms of recruiting and also creating and empowering talent pools.


A perfect screening can enlarge the percentage of a good hire. As it can save your time, it can cut unworthy candidates as well. It will also maximize the efficiency percentage.

You can set some questions in the pre-screening portion so that you can easily identify your best fit for the opening. Like, you can ask the candidate about the reason for his/her interest in the Data Scientist role? Then, why he/she is the best fit for this position? When they submit their answers you can easily judge who will be your perfect candidate.


This is the final and most important part. When you are trying to hire a person with multiple academic disciplines, it’s always a hard task to perform. But, still, with some practices and plans, you can make that right.

There are two ways that you can apply:

Home Projects, where you can give your candidate an opportunity to perform in a live project from home. It will give you an idea of how he/she will perform on the floor when they join your company. Like Exploratory Data Analysis.

Onsite Visit, lets him/her spend some time on the premises so that you can understand that whether he/she can adapt to your work culture. 

In-person Interview is for checking the knowledge, passion, communication and previous project experience to examine the candidate and if you find the satisfactory answers then you can hire the candidate.

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