Reduce technical hiring cost using these strategies (Part 1)



In the current age, with the boom of technical jobs, and the enormous growth of technical pass-outs it has taken the technical hiring competition into a different dimension for the companies. Every recruiter is participating in the sprint to catch their best fit for the technical roles. But, the most important thing that we should not forget is the cost per hire because when we are dealing with the technical recruitments, it is highly expensive. As time passes in and the evolution of recruitment, the cost per hire grows accordingly. Now, this is really an important matter to think about, right?

Being a recruiter, reducing the cost of hire is very important but, it’s not an easy task to do. But, if we can implement some supreme strategies, then probably we will be able to cut the cost per technical hire. Today we are going to discuss a few such strategies.



Start working on Talent community


A talent community is a procedure to keep the pipeline always ready and warm so that, whenever the employer needs any position to fill up, they can easily pick the candidates from there. If you guys start working on the “Talent Community” then you can cut some cost.

Ways to implement: 

The implementation of the talent community can be changed in terms of the size of the company. If you are working in a big company then, your company must possess software or tools to manage the talent community or you can engage with any agencies who will manage the talent community like SyaRose. If you are working in a small company then you can maintain some Google sheets of interested candidates and those candidates who previously applied to your company.

Focus on Employee Referrals


Employee referrals become the most important and fruitful way for talent acquisition.  Employee referrals are like simply you can ask your existing employee to recommend his/her any known person to join in the vacant position. In the technical industry, candidates are very much connected to their old batchmates. So it’s relevant that they have the referrals that you can use.

Ways to implement: 

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, for the employee referrals you must have a great and invincible employer brand. If your company has that then without any penny they will do the recommendations. Otherwise, you can do some employee referral programs as well.

Take advantage of Social Media


In the old days, people invested lots of money in the various advertising channels like newspapers, radio, TV, and many more. Even today, there are several companies who are doing the same. But, as we have the weapon called social media access where most probably 80% of human beings are using it every day and it is a hundred percent free, so why shouldn’t we use this great thing. Implementing this strategy can definitely save your money.

Ways to implement:

Nowadays there are several social media tools that you can use like LinkedIn Recruiter, Facebook graph search, and many more.

Start working with Recruiting Agencies


This is like, someone insisting on taking all the pressures and insists you to stay calm. It’s like heaven, right?

Yes, nowadays, so many companies hiring tech recruitment agencies for reducing their pressures of hiring and the costs as well. Also, they will save you time too. So you’ll rest assured that they are taking the responsibilities and working on them. Nowadays, there are several agencies who are claiming themselves the best. But, you should do some homework before engaging with any of it.


This is my 1st article on the “Ultimate strategies to reduce technical hiring cost” series. I’ll publish the 2nd article soon. Stay connected and share your comments.

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