How to hire the best Software Tester?

According to the technical trends and the recent market of IT, Software testers play the most important role for every IT company. Yes, sometimes it is hard to get the best Software Tester easily but, if one can follow a few methods then the things can be easy and smooth. 

Throughout the years, tech recruiters have been asking their candidates, several questions and giving them several tasks to perform while hiring. But, I have summarized a  few tips which can be helpful.

Know your need

Before everything, this is very important that you should possess a good idea of what type of candidate you need and what are the skills they should have which will be fruitful for your organization. If you get the proper idea then only you will be able to target the best candidates and pick them quickly. 

There are a few things that are mandatory for the Testers like;

Understanding of the Testing: It is like living a life like a monk and a normal human. Both of them are living their lives but the monk lives a perfect life and this is just because of the greater understanding of life. Similarly, in terms of Testing, every candidate may have the idea of testing but the successful one is the one who possesses the perfect understanding. 

Communication: How a tester explains the results of testing, that is so crucial. Sometimes the explanations can be different than what they actually are due to poor communication. 

Time-saving: Yes, time is valuable. Saving a certain amount of time will help the whole project to be completed on time, even earlier. 

Conduct telephonic interviews first

For every successful hiring, the most important part is the interview. Now, before asking a candidate to come for a face-to-face interview it is good to have a small telephonic interview to understand whether the candidate is eligible or not.  Ask a few questions like;

About his/her last project

Give some testing scenarios. 

If you feel satisfied then ask him/her to come for a face-to-face interview and take the necessary steps.

The passion and professionalism

This is the major part and it is pretty important to check the professionalism of the candidate. As a tester plays an important role and there are so many responsibilities as well, the candidate has to have an error-free track record. Check thoroughly the past projects. 

Passion has a colossal effect on the nature of work as well as the nature of the workplace. Nobody needs to be around a negative-minded person throughout the day. Ensure that the individual you or your group are thinking about hiring is enthused, intrigued, and knowledgable about this field–additionally inquire as to why they picked this field. 


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