5 Best Tips to Make the Company Career Page Invincible

For every HR manager and recruiter, the best weapon for harnessing a tech talent is great career pages. But, not all the recruit professionals are so fortunate to work with such blessed career pages. However, as a tech recruiter where the hiring competition is so high, you cannot afford to lose any of the good candidates. Previously, I wrote an article where I pointed out the career pages’ benefits and but, later I wondered that if I could write an article on shaping the career pages into a perfect one then it will help so many tech recruiting professionals.

Based on my experience, I have filled this article with 5 most effective tips that can furnish the career page.

If you think that the career page is looking boring, pretty clumsy and not attracting talents then the 5 tips will definitely be helpful. Below I have elaborated on each of the points.


Easy to locate

Finding a career page easily from the company website is highly recommended. So that no candidate feels frustrated for entering their desired zone. In so many companies’ website, I found that people faced difficulties to enter the career page and trust me that is a reason to lose candidates.    


Perfectly Organized

Your company career page ought to be sorted out with the goal that candidates can rapidly view basic beliefs, advantages, and open positions. Focus on the normal time spent on your career page — if it’s excessively short, candidates probably won’t discover the information required. You’ll likewise need to keep it clean and highlight a textual style that is anything but difficult to pursue. 


Showcasing the work culture

Your company career page is the best representative for showcasing the work culture of your company. So should be aware of to maintain your company career page in that way. You can add some video or some images or some information as well to let your target candidates know about your company’s work culture. 


Perfect Listing

This is most important to manage your information in a list. Everyone loves listed things. They are easy to read and easily understandable. There are lots of information on the career page which you need to show to the candidates but just because of the clumsiness they get disinterested.  


Always keep in touch

Losing even one candidate is big loss for any HR professional. Think in this way, there are lots of candidates who apply on your career page. But, for not having an open position, you can’t offer them. If you can retain those candidates think how great will be your candidate pool for your future openings. Think about making a channel on your career page by which candidates can get updates for the future opening so that they will stay curious all the time.  


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